Are you looking to take the picture in the normal background and make it looks natural background??  If yes, then the best option is photography with a green screen. Green screen is the plain colored background for the picture.

A green screen is an amazing tool in the field of photography. It widely used in many field, even modern xxx porn videos industry can’t go without a green screen

This will helps to explore the creative views and easily make the background attractively. This helps to Photoshop the picture easily and clearly.

Uses of a green screen

A green screen used for various purposes in photography. If you want to remove the background and fix any other background means you can use this green screen method. There are lots of digital backgrounds are available but the best and cheap is green screen only.

green screen background

Needs of a green screen

The background must be plain green color because it doesn’t match the human skin and moreover, it doesn’t match the dress. If you want to remove the background and place a new background, then use the simple and plain background for the photography.

Avoid green bounce

The green screen or any other colored background may reflect the pinch of color effects to the picture. You can easily avoid this reflection. Follow the simple tricks to avoid the bounce back of green light from the background.

  • Try to move the subject in front of the background as possible.
  • When lightening the subject and their background, try to position the lightning. It will prevent the bounce back.
  • Light your subject at the angle position from their sides, it will also help to avoid the background reflection.
  • If you lightening from the front side of the subject, then the background will bounce back to the subject. So try to avoid this.

Set the green screen

While setting the green screen background, you should be making it as smooth as possible. If any wrinkles found in the background, it may cause a small shadow to the subject and it becomes harder to remove the background. If you want to avoid the reflection of the background, then try to place the subject as far away from the background.

Remove the background or extract the subject

After taking the picture, the next step is to remove the background or extract the subject and place it in another background. You can make this by using different photo editing software.

Always use a green screen for photography and make an attractive and natural picture.


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