In modern photography, water splashes photos are the famous and latest trend. The water splashes photography requires accurate timing, efforts and a little bit of luck.

If you want to take the perfect water splashes, you have to practice a lot of times to achieve perfection. This is not so difficult; one can easily take the water splashes photos by using some equipment and practice.

Required materials to capture water splashes

High-quality camera

The water splashes photography requires the camera that should be captured in milliseconds. The normal mobile camera or any compact digital camera will take the water splashes but it looks blurring and not gets a clear image, so one should have a high-quality camera like a mirrorless camera or DSLRs to capture the accurate water flows.

Light source

Like normal photography, this requires ample lightening that will expose the water properly. At least one light source like softbox, external flashes are required to capture. If you want one more second light source, you can fix it on the other side of the first light source.

capture the water splashes

Macro lens

Any kind of camera can take water splashes. However, if you want to take the accurate water splashes you have to use the original macro lens. This helps to capture much closer and a little bit of water drops which make the picture more attractive and perfect picture.

Camera Timer

The camera timer will help to take the picture quite accurate. You can fix the timing and that will helps to capture at the exact timings.

Camera Tripod

A camera tripod is the necessary one to photograph water splashes. If you have tripod means you no need to hold the camera for a long time. This will helps to avoid dropping the camera to the water.

Plain backdrop or surface

The plain surface is needed to make the viewers focus on the water drops. But the dark surface will truly enhance the water drops especially taking the picture with the additional light source.

Liquid container and object

Don’t forget to plan for the locations, water source (bowl or container), choice of water and the object that will drop into the water.  The best option is to choose the natural water resources that will help to take the best water splashes.

Paper towels

The paper towel is the necessary one. While shooting water drops, it may spread over the object and surface. In order to capture the clear picture, you have to clean with the paper towels.

These are the necessary things to be considered in water drop photography.


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